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Dear USO Tribute Cincinnati Supporter,
We can't thank you enough for your continued support of the 2016 USO Tribute Cincinnati
celebration. Without committed community leaders like yourselves, we would never meet
the needs of our worthy veterans. And we are excited to share that we have now raised
close to $6M over the last 13 years because of you!
In 2016, we transformed Coney lsland into a“mess hall” to celebrate the 75th anniversary
of the USO. From the many artifacts from the various wars, to the displaying of the John
Ruthven original piece of art, Coney island looked like a scene from Mash. it brought smiles
to the many vets that remember that era all too well. And to the younger generation, it was an
educational moment. A perfect night!
We continued to be amazed by the generosity of our presenting sponsor,WENDY‘s
Cincinnati/Dayton Co—Op. Their loyal support for the last 7 years, has raised over $650,000.
The franchise owners and their families exhibited the highest level of support to this
worthy cause by such a kind gesture. We are eternally grateful.
The USO Tribute Cincinnati is eagerly working on this year’s event. In 2017, we are pleased
to announce our return to the Montgomery lnn Boathouse and the Riverfest Fireworks.
A night that will truly celebrate our brave men and women. So mark your calendars for
September 3rd, Z017!!! We certainly hope you will consider being part of this year's event
as in the past!
The USO Metropolitan Washington has the direct responsibility and honor of supporting
service members and their families who are recovering and receiving treatment at the
Walter Reed National Military Center at Bethesda, the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and
the WarriorTransition Units at Fort Mead and Fort Belvoir, the Wounded Warrior Regiment
at Marine Corps Base Quantico and the Aero Medical Staging Facility on Andrews AFB. Your
financial support, makes this all possible.
We thank you again for your past support and hope you will consider being part of the 14th
Annual USO Tribute Cincinnati. We can't do it without you.
The 2016 Team
Mini M W
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